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Handcrafted Spalted Wych Elm Stool with Ash Legs

  • £95.00

Spalting is a  process by which certain fungi grow on dead or fallen trees and after colonizing the wood via travelling up the wood cells from the ends or from broken off branches, to leave a most attractive pattern. Wood that is spalted is so sought after by woodworkers because it has such a distinct look, with conflicting dark and light colors as well as black and brown lines running through the wood. Like a fingerprint, each spalted wood piece is unique in some way.

Please carefully note our following allergy information about products which are not suitable for someone with a severe nut allergy.

Tumblers: Our tumblers are treated with walnut oil first to bring out the grain and colour of the wood, then sealed with beeswax to waterproof them.

Coasters: Our coasters are treated with walnut oil which enhances and brings out the grain of the wood beautifully and also helps to stop liquid staining.

Tumbler Display Stand Sets: All 3 log stand designs i.e; 1, with bark on, 2, natural edge and  3, revealed grain are all treated with danish oil which brings out the bark and grain of the wood beautifully leaving a lovely silky lustre finish. The accompanying tumblers for all display stand sets are treated as detailed above in the 'Tumblers' information.

Stools: Our stools are treated with Danish oil oil to bring out the grain and colour of the wood beautifully resulting in a lovely silky lustre finish to the wood.

Wild Cherry: Wild Cherry (or Gean) features a very attractive two tone mid brown heartwood and pale cream to sapwood, (depending on the ratio of heartwood to sapwood), with a distinct grain pattern. Generally uniform grain in appearance, with subtly defined growth rings.

Ash: Ash is typically a lighter coloured wood of white to light cream with an attractive distinct grain pattern. The sapwood is not distinguishable from heartwood, and occasionally an irregular dark brown heart wood contrasting with the paler sapwood features known as olive ash. Growth rings are very distinct in Ash.

Willow: Features a light brown heartwood to pale cream sapwood sometimes with attractive brown streaks and flecks randomly features in the grain of the wood. Straight grained wood with visible growth rings.

Sycamore: The timber is a lovely creamy colour with a natural lustre. It darkens somewhat on exposure to light, becoming golden in appearance. Sycamore has a subtle figure, with visible growth rings. Occasionally light green flecks can occur in the grain pattern. Rippled sycamore has a beautiful wavy figure, caused by varying grain direction.

Alder: Alder when first cut can be a rather intense shade of orange, but this fades over time until the timber becomes a lovely warm light orange-brown colour. It has a fine texture with subtly defined growth rings. Its most noticeable and attractive feature being the dark streaks (medullary rays) that occur throughout the timber.

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