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Traditional Rustic Gates


Our traditional rustic gates are handmade to order.


Long before the days of sawmills this is how traditional rustic gates were made. Cleft ash timber is far stronger and durable than saw mill planked timber, not to mention more pleasing to the eye!

To create these unique by nature gates, small diameter logs of ash are carefully selected for the various components for the gate and then cleft (split) in a device called a cleaving brake, producing two near identical halves. These are then hand carved and shaped with a carving axe and drawknife to make the horizontal bars, braces and posts of the gate. All mortices are hand drilled and tenons are formed using a tenon cutter. And finally the diagonal brace is attached to the gate using beech dowels.

Made using no nails, glue or screws and absolutely no power tools (perish the thought!). Our gates are made to commission and prices start from £220 for a standard sized garden gate measuring approximately 84cm wide by 115cm tall. They can be made up to a maximum size of 1.8 metres wide by 2 metres tall. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements for a bespoke, made to measure rustic gate.


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