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Unique Handmade Side Tables

Each of our handcrafted 3 legged rustic sidetables are completely unique in design, size, shape and grain pattern. The hand sanded end grain table tops, available in Silver Birch, Wych Elm, Spalted Alder and Spalted Beech are carefully selected for their attractive grain colour and pattern. Using a hand auger, three holes (mortices) are drilled through the stool top ready for the stool leg assembly. The stool legs, available in Ash, Willow, Alder and Wild cherry, are skilfully cleft in a cleaving brake using a froe.

Each leg is then carved and shaped by hand with a carving axe and drawknife on a traditional device called a shavehorse. This makes stronger, lighter and more graceful legs than those produced by machines. Tenons are then formed on the legs using a tenon cutter (a bit like a giant pencil sharpener!). Each leg then has a beech wedge carefully inserted into the top of the tenon to add additional stability to the side table.

Once assembled by our Master Craftsman, the table is then lightly sanded and sealed by hand with danish oil to give a lovely silky finish, providing a good water resistant barrier to spillage of liquids that can be wiped over easily.

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