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Artisan Tumbler Display Stands

The handcrafted rustic log stands are currently available in ash with the stand handles made from hazel, with the bark retained to compliment the rustic feel. The stand legs are made from beech. Each log stand is created from one half of an ash log which is cleaved (split) into 2 halves in a cleaving brake and then carved and shaped with a drawknife on a traditional device called a shavehorse.

Unlike glass the more frequently our tumblers are used over time they begin to retain notes and flavour of whisky, just like the casks that matured the characteristics in the first place, therefore enhancing your drinking pleasure.All of our products are sustainably sourced from Speyside trees and made by a local artisan craftsman using age old green woodworking techniques with traditional hand tools. Due to the natural material of wood and the hand crafted processes involved to create these tumblers, you will experience a uniqueness of warmth and tactile qualities which cannot be replicated in any modern day mass production. Being one of a kind, once they're gone they're gone!

Our handcrafted rustic log stands are currently available in ash in 3 designs/styles:

  • With the bark retained, which gives a lovely texture and feel to the stand
  • With the bark retained just on both sides of the stand which contrasts beautifully with the open grain pattern of the ash wood
  • With all the bark removed beautifully illustrating the attractive grain and figure of ash


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