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Rustic Wooden Coat Racks

Our handmade rustic ash coat racks are available in 2 designs:

  • Natural Edge - with the bark retained on just the top and bottom of the rack and hazel pegs, which contrasts beautifully with the open grain pattern of the ash wood
  • Revealed Grain - with all the bark removed except for the hazel pegs, beautifully illustrating the attractive grain and figure of the ash wood

Each ash log is specifically selected for quirky and individual characteristics, such as shape and knot features. The fresh logs are then split by hand and initially shaped with a side axe to a rough form. Using a traditional device called a shave horse, they are then shaved to their final shape by eye, using a drawknife and then lightly sanded.

For the pegs we use hazel with the bark retained, which contrasts beautifully with the bark and grain of the ash wood stand. Each individual hole for the hazel pegs are hand drilled using a hand brace drill. Tenons are then formed on each peg, providing a perfectly snug fit once they are tapped into place by hand. Our coat racks are then sealed with danish oil to give a lovely silky lustre finish.

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